GBG METAVERSE - How to connect
Mar 03 2024 10:24am PST

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Instructions Below.

  • The avatar will receive 2 GB$ Gift every 10 mins In Gamble Casino Region.This Money can spend for land rent for tips dj etc....for have fun
  • Only Creators and Service providers Like Regions reseler Like land reseler can CASH OUT. Follow the instructions below for cashing out procedure.
  • Only Sellers/Creators or service providers like Regions reseler land reseler or live singers.
  • The rate of CASH OUT exchange is 1600 per 1 Euro. Plus a transaction fee of Eur2.50 per exchange.
  • Only up to 20Eur per month can be CASH OUT exchanged per avatar. Alternative avatars are prohibited from exchanging. Must use main primary avatar accounts
  • So Creator or reseler Must rent region in GBG to use shop to own region or free shop in The Mall
  • DJs Can spend the virtual money from tips jar rented premade amazing regions in GBG or can shopping from marketplace with this virtual money from tips jar
  • Residents who are not creators can only use their $GB for uploading, creating groups and buying content from creators or tips dj.
  • That includes the FREE $GB residents receive throughout the grid or purchased $GB.
  • GB$ cannot be used outside the world GBG METAVERSE.
  • GBG METAVERSE reserves the right to suspend GB$ cash out or to delete the virtual money from grid activities anytime without the need of any prior communication.