Joey Votto did not sock a homer in any one of his journeys to the plate, and starter Wade Miley left early in a fury after walking and plunking the Miami Marlins back into a tie ballgame.It was the type of kerflufflery that, in years, could have derailed the Cincinnati Reds from the downing they have actually been doing of late. Instead Greg Garcia Jersey, chug right along they did.Nick Castellanos punched a 2-run tater, Tyler Naquin proceeded his absurdly warm streak with a 3-hit evening, and a huge ol' 2-run pinch-hit double from Tyler Stephenson helped lead the Reds to another win over Miami, this moment in 7-4 fashion.Kyle Farmer got on base another set of times. Shogo Akiyama made a tremendous catch to burglarize the Marlins of runs instantly after being double-switched right into CF. The bullpen also managed to get Mychal Givens in an unusual fumble of an appearance, and the totality of the synergy when again showed up to be something that had not been a rendezvous - rather, this is a club that shows up to smell blood in the water and is collaborating as a result.The Reds are currently 11 games over.500, and if the Philadelphia Phillies can hold back the San Diego Padres this night, that'll indicate the Reds will remain in single possession of a playoff spot for the very first time all period (unless they performed in the very first week, which [insert who cares noise]. Go Reds. Go back Vlad Gutierrez tomorrow at 1:10 PM and do it around once more.